Raycer's gti

Was already busy with making him complete rust free,
Found some....





First layer of primer on it


I have also reinforced the Seatbelt bar for in case of an extreme accident, to have more safety ( VAS rules )



Passed weekend i found out that i have full silver indicators, while oem gti have black arround the silver...
Now i just found out that i have instead of oem indicators wicht i have let the nissan garage order.... i have aftermarket indicators, explains the gap of 2-3mm between the indicator and the plate above the wheel....
But i wanted black ones, cus i was still missing the aggressive look my gti had back then.

So, i did some " cooking "


I also removed the tar at passenger feet and sound starting rust piece, not hard
so its also in primer now
I have oainted the passenger feet side today with 2nd layer of primer.
I have also continued to remove the unnescesarry cables from the airbag.
Arround 2k and 3k rpm i had a strong metal sound vibration. I have found it when i placed my empty cat instead of my oem cat.
The plate was broken to keep it inty the rubber holder. So i make a new one.



2nd part of airbag cable removing

For now, putting the cables back, gonna start tomorrow again at home

A better picture of the car with the black indicators
Part 3 of the stripping out of cables:
These are all the wires i have removed from the gti


en het resultaat:
Enkel de kabels van de benzinepomp nog zichtbaar :)

My hands were open from scarving on the metal. Had a heatgun 600°c to heaten it up to make it come out easyer. Spend like 7 houres to peel out the tar now...
A movie of the trackday of passed weekend, my buddy didn't put his phone good zo its a small vieuw now.
±155hp now on bridgestone potenza re002 tyres.
Tyres are great, but for track use, they need a little bit more grip.

i saw and acticle where they used dry ice and it shrunk and craked the tar and i just fell out
mhmm interesting!!
They don't seem very strict on trackday rules in Belgium. Looked good fun, with some interesting cars though.
Always good to a see a track orientated N15.
wear a helmet, wear seat belts, proove your not a kamikaze driver ( proove race experience) and your good to go at skylimit event trackdays :)

Its like racing, so, don't be to the right or left to let them pass or whatever. You want to pass, you have to take different racing lines.
I have put my indicator on to show them where i would stay so they could pass me.

The saab 9-3 is from a friend of me, its a 2.8 v6 turbo 4x4 with 330hp :)
Some ppl were driving full slicks aswell, that grip is crazy
HOW to put your battery in trunk in a nissan almera/pulsar

Installing a 50mm² cable from the battery to the front.
The starting cable is 35mm², the other cable that has been branched to the battery is 25mm²

I have put the cable from the rear to the front into the cable covers at the left side.

Removed mud flap at teh left side.

I used this part to insert the cable inside


Made a sleeve into the rubber with a knife and inserted my cutting pliers to see inside how it looks like

Space enough

Inserted the cable from inside to outside



Now i have made a part in plastic to screw on the chassis without having connection to it.
I have put a rubber under it to prevent electrical jump over due amperage:


and bolted it on the chassis with 2 screws

Added all the + wires to it

Finished result when i reconnected all the cables and taped the + connection


I have bolted the oem plate into the spare wheel place.
Used spacers in front side.

Placed the battery and connected it.
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