Raycer's gti

This is a great looking car,loving the track pic`s :)
Was there a specific reason for putting the battery in the boot?
i would add a Red plastic cover for the + terminal on the battery just for extra safety .
Good stuff.

I'm going to get a battery box for it, but when i was at the store to get it, i found out i had my credit card at home and no money in my wallet lol.
So i'm going back there to buy it.
Placed the battery in the back becouse the car is to light at the rear.
Now i also can make a heat shield for air intake, instead of sucking warm air inside..

Whole interior will go out again to make the car inside complete blanc, rustfree and paint it all white.


Recieved today a package from japan :D
NOTE: ILLEGAL for road use !!!!!





To do: Make the hood matte black and change back to my dry wheels :D
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Yes they are from crazyhornet :)
Front end needs to drop indeed, but thats been done in 5 mins :D
Not scraping low, but dropping 2 cm tops :D
changed a few bits again :)

nismo gearknob

new passengers seat:

old engine mount:

new engine mount:

brace in primer:

brace in colour:

and replaced the brace:

i'm not shure yet.
I'm trying to find rear downforce now. Have tried a few parts now (optial ) becouse its willing to loose its rear end now on crests.
You'll never be going quick enough, or pull enough G to require any extra front or rear downforce.
We're not talking race cars here.

You need to look elsewhere, such as tyres, suspension or driving skills to get round the bends quicker in your family hatchback.
Tbh i already felt the difference with or without the canards at 60mph.
I even felt the difference on my daily when i raised my rear oem wing by 2cm.

The weight balance is ruined cus of empty rear and no rollcage. My tyres are good, suspention is good aswell ( tbh not road legal but legal cus mine is on paper a rally car )
About driving skill, i dare to say, i know very good the limits of the car ;)
Well, if you place it on an angle, it will have more effect then the canards. due it has more space to catch the wind.
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