Wezz takes it up the emo bum

Almost satin black, he had to use matt black then add krystal hardener for the shine, i love the finish, shame about tow eye cover, going to order one. Cant wait to get my speedlines back in black too. Also picked my manifold and elbow up today. Get engine back wednesday from machine shop. Stuff ive had done is hone bores, polish crank, drill my act flywheel bolt holes for gtir bolts, balanced bottom end, new valve stem seals, skim head, skim block. Build starts this week baby :)

I wish i could have got it properly ceramic coated but its very high temp powder coat from a local company, supposedly up to 1400 C, we shall see
Looking good buddy. I'd be tempted to match the bottom of the doors and skirts in with the bumper. The N14 has a lovely strong line straight along the side. May be worth a photoshop? Other than that it's coming on great.
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