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Best Grille For This Car?

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My previous car: Red GTi.
Previous owners' members' rides threads: Bushell, Chris180

This car has been around the club for a while so doesn't need too much introduction. I bought it from Bushell in Feb 2013. Drives great, even in 6-inches of snow :)

Weather was nice today so gave it it's spring clean; rubbing compound on the worst scratches, wash, paint restorer, polish, wax, seal and detail. Interior and engine bay to do this weekend.

Current mod list..

Kent Cams.
Fidanza lightened flywheel.
BMC enclosed filter.
Solid engine mounts.
SSAC 4-2-1 header.
Janspeed sports cat, cat-back and backbox.
BC Coilovers.
15" Enkei replica wheels (Spec 2 on front, Proxies on rear).
SRi splitter.
VZR rear lights with sidelight+foglight conversion.
JDM 2-Slat Grille.
N15 OEM leather interior.
Nissan floor mats.
Parked Punto wiper mod.
Hel brake lines.
Uprated speakers, Pioneer HU, Fli-Trap 1200w sub.

Not done much since I got it; De-stickered. Removed carbon-fibre dash trim. Hooked up front fogs. Converted rear lights to sidelight+fog lamp. Swapped in leather interior. Stuck in the sub.

Got pads and disks to go on the rear, high-level brake light to replace and a couple of bits to do to tidy up the interior but future plans are on hold until I sell the red one.

Will probably put the shadow-chrome Autech wheels back on wrapped in rainsport 2s when tyre-change time comes and do something garish and controversial to the Enkei reps as an argument starter for shows/meets.
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I voted Blue VZR as that's predictable for me but if you're going to keep the front splitter as it is then you don't have to change the Black 2-slat.
I can live with that, maybe I can get the ASBO banning me from wearing bermuda shorts lifted in time for summer.
I was looking to source 2 slat grille (black) so i could swap between the two ! Great minds indeed think alike !
Next time I'm up in Scotland bud ! Try to get in your own car ! Lol !
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