Kitty the Red GTi

Long time no update!

So you can see that a full respray is in progress. Colour is staying standard Nissan AR2 red. The rear arches have been given some serious TLC after being cut and welded to raise the height to allow for new even wider 10.5" wide banded steels :D the old 9" rear steels should be going onto the front after some test fitting and arch pulling.

I've been trying to keep this as quiet as possible but here are a few sneak pics


yea, they are on the to do list. need 55 profile tyres for the front to close the arch gap and give a tad more ground clearance
Would of loved to see some front arches on it too.

The Autech skirts don't work imo, the look a bit odd where they meet the arch extension.

But other than that the finish looks great.
Good work on the body looks very nice.. autech skirts suit the wide boy image well i think!

Only thing letting it down is the stretched tyres/cheap steel wheel look :(

Some choice rims + decent rubber will make this look shit hot

Ph2 rear lip combined with wideboy look really is hurting my eyes lol.. looks even more stuck on then usual

so so nice, but MOT fail with that set up :confused:
Depends where you get it done I suppose. There's an S15 owner up the road from me with wheels that stick out of the arch by 3 inches. When I asked him how he gets it past the MOT he said that wheels must not exceed the wing mirrors.

I don't believe him, but I could be wrong.
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