Kitty the Red GTi

Depends where you get it done I suppose. There's an S15 owner up the road from me with wheels that stick out of the arch by 3 inches. When I asked him how he gets it past the MOT he said that wheels must not exceed the wing mirrors.

I don't believe him, but I could be wrong.
MOT manual doesn't say anything about wheels having to be inside the arches, it can still pass if they protrude.
Looks amazing :D. Badass ha.

Going to have to agree with eddie on the rear lip though it doesnt suit it somehow imo.

Is that n1 spoilers legs shorter than normal?

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Looking clean buddy. I'm not sure why you went to the effort of taking the rear 1/4 glass out but left the rear lights bolted in, but never mind.
I quite like the Autech skirts with the arches. I think it would look better balanced with front arches. I wouldn't have colour coded the arches myself. Maybe gone gloss black? You had to with those skirts on though I suppose. Nice to see some decent bodywork/ restoration going on. Props.
Great effort!

Definately needs the same treatment at the front but I think the side skirts could be blended into those rear arches fairly easily.

Loving the banded steelies.
im liking it bud, love he effort that has gone into her, i will say i think if you had used autech rear bumper mudflaps the rear side would look much better, but i do agree with eddie even tho i like the steelie look i think a nice set of gt3 or something would set it just right.
also the rear right inner side light is not straight :) but lovely example fella money well spent
i think a nice set of gt3 or something
Are you on crack?? Not only would they come nowhere near filling the arches they'd just look muck on this car. Chris is into the vag scene and dropped on banded steels is how you do it. If he were to shell out for a new set of wheels at least let them be something good like a set of Work Meister's to fill out them arches

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Thanks for the kind words everybody, its a modified EK9 spoiler - shaved 2 inches off the front were it meets the roof as i wouldn't be able to open the boot if we didnt and didn't use the base plate, was going to look like a helfords stick on job.

The drivers side inner tail light is fitted straight, its the boot lid that is a bit squew-wif. Needs addressing.

Im very pleased with the turn out and i know it wont be to everyones taste but i like it. The banded steels are staying as ive invetsed too much money on them. First set of 4 was over £400 and the 2 new rears were over £200. The tyres for the rear Toyo T1R's 225/50/15 cost me £110 a piece.

Front wheels at present are 8" ET35 running 195/50/15 with the intention of fitting the old 9" steels that were on the rear with the arch extensions.
Rear wheels are 10.5" ET35 running 225/50/15

Wheel poke/tyre stretch is a large grey area. Cops over here are wankers, some will say nothing, some will pull you over and rape you for everything. Ive heard:

  • Tyre stretch is illegal due to the fact the tyre has not been fitted to a wheel that meets the tyre manufacturers criteria.
  • Poke is fine as long as it is no more than 30mm outside the arch and that the tyre tread is within the arch line, however, a friend of mine got pulled over and taken to court for wheel poke and a ended up with a fine, he then got a warning at the side of the road for stretch a few months later. The tread was within the arch and no more than 30mm poke. Another friend was in Asda and got called to return to his vehicle only to meet 2 cops beside it were they told him to fix the issue with his wheels/tyres (albeit he was running a 175 on a 10" rim.....) or the vehicle would be seized.
  • Yesterday another friend got a warning too about stretch and poke and how low his car was.
  • Minimal stretch is ok and will pass an MOT test.
It really is a grey area that no one has a definitive answer to, Yes some say its unsafe but i dont know anyone personally that has had issues/blow outs/tyre coming off the bead etc. When my mate was taken to court his solicitor couldn't find anything to say that the wheels can/cannot protrude the arch. My argument is that the wing mirrors still protrude further than poke can. Yes, they fold but still will break someones arm/rib if it at at speed. I see taxi people carriers with the steps along the side that stick out as far as the wing mirrors. How they get away with it i dont know - its a solid metal step which will break legs. Seen Mitsubishi L200's, Defenders etc with off road wheels hanging clean out the sides being driven on public roads.
The MOT over here is different, you guys in the mainland take your cars to a garage, we have dedicated MOT test centers. My car passed MOT on standard wheels tucked away inside the arches - nothing was asked at all.

Friend 1: Got pulled in Asda while car was parked up

Friend 2: Got pulled at side of road twice

Friend 3: Gets pulled every other day (break checked a tailgater yesterday.... turned out to be an unmarked cop car!!)

maybe its just a VW thing that the cops have an issue with and not the cars modifications haha!

Oh and the tail lights were removed, everything was, if it unbolted, it was removed!
The stretch on that Polo is lethal. I wouldn't get in that car for a lift let alone drive it around. I was in an Astra convertable a few years back and the tyre popped off the bead round a corner and we span off into a hedge. They were nearly new tyres at good pressure on a standard rim. I don't mind a bit of poke and arches but the stretch is not for me.
With a massive subwoofer/audio setup, slammed and stretched tyres this car is all show & no go built for cruising with VW bling tastic dub scene mates lol.. so hes probably not going fast enough to worry about bining the car if tyres come off the rim

I kinda feel this is trying to make the car something its not supposed to be used for, nice to look at but would cringe at thought of it being driven hard. On a positive note not the worst stretch ive seen so maybe its just about okay

Bet this gets the bitches wet :p

that sub is dead, burnt out a voice coil. im planning on a simple audio setup.

next project is a high compression build, sr16 pistons, catcam 514's and all other mods from my current DE, fly, header, fpr, etc.
Is it a 12'' or 15'' you built the box for low HZ drop right? just get a new sub surely as you put alot of effort into that box

I wanted one of the older style vibe audio box's but put some uptodate new 15'' subs in

it was a 12", recone kit is about £120 quid to get it fixed.

i was running 2 12" jbl gt4's in the same box and they hit HARD. 1600wrms to both of them, nearly 3 times their rated RMS power!!

ive got my eye on another Ground Zero GZRW30 SPL. purchased 1 after i sold one of the JBLs. it drops low but dosnt hit as hard as the JBL's so im gonna buy another one down the line. moar cone area = WIN!
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