N15 Track Car

Current Spec List

- Tomei Poncams
- XTD Lightweight Flywheel
- Tri-Y SOCAL Manifold
- 2.5" CP Catback
- Walbro 190L/H Fuel Pump
- 3" Intake with Apexi Filter
- Mishimoto Alloy Radiator
- Greddy E-Manage

- Quaife ATB Diff
- MeisterR Zeta-R Coilovers
- Full Polybush kit Front to Rear inc Engine Mounts
- Subframe Collars
- MR2 Twinpot Front Calipers with 305mm Discs and Carbotech XP8 Pads
- ABS Delete
- Braided Brake Lines
- WORK Emotion 11R 17x8J ET35
- Federal 595RSR - 235/40
- OMP Steering Wheel
- LiamSpec 4 Point Roll Cage
- Motomec GRP Seats
- STR 6 Point Harnesses
- GRP Bonnet with Aerocatches
- Lightened wiring looms
- Manual Window Conversion

- 2L Foam Extinguisher
- Dry Powder Extinguisher
- Oddessy light weight battery relocated to boot
- Front Brake Cooling Ducts

Things on my list
- Roll Centre Correction Ball Joints
- Plastic Windows
- Brake Cooling (Rear)
- 4.8 Final Drive
- Rear Panhard Rod Conversion
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After Llandow I wasnt happy with the brakes, so did something about it.


Drilled and cut

Fitted up

Trial fit for clearance

Cleaned and painted


Went for MR2 twin pots (36mm pistons as opposed to the 43mm FTOs), 305x28mm discs and some Carbotech XP8 pads. What a difference, pads were expensive but worth it, not hint of fade even after back to back sessions at Combe. Car is pretty much where I want it now, just a few tweaks left to do.

A few from the track day at Castle Combe (pics courtesy of Sam)

Ha. Yeah that is true, but its whats under the filler that could be the issue! Ive undersealed the back of the lips and rattle canned the outers so should be alright for a while.
Did another track day, Donington Park this time. Was a good day, Craners flat in 4th was fun!!

A few little changes. Installed an E-Manage and did some WOT mapping. Then finally getting round to doing the manual window conversion. Saved 5.4kgs per door going to manual and removing wiring and door cards.



Have now added a few more things to list. Including 4.8 Final Drive, roll centre correction, plastic windows and have a look into a panhard rod conversion on the rear.
Doors finished off.

Also did some more WOT mapping, AFRs are a lot smoother now and not massively lean. I have adjusted again since the pics but havent done another log. Pulls a lot better all the way to the redline now. Will see how it feels at Combe on friday.

It weighed 1020kg with the old wheels, new wheels added 16kgs. Ive since removed around around 12kgs so id say it was around 1020-1030 with half a tank of fuel.
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