N15 Turbo

Got to asses the damage today. :(

Im going to give it a week before deciding what to do. More damage than i expected

Turbo fucked (Blades bent)
Block cracked
Pistons and head seems ok
Bonnet damaged
Bumper damaged
Window smashed

Parts missing:
Power FC
Boost controller
Boost Solenoid
Ah shit.

Transplant the surviving bits into a mint shell, add the missing parts and get the best of both worlds, a monster-power showcar?
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Maybe, maybe not... easy to say it but a lot of money will be needed to make this right again

Exactly what im thinking, use the whole setup in this, with less power... and try to sort the bodywork out


You could say that was kinda his point Chunkey :p

Hope this thing does get back on the road in some form :(
such ashame mov, i really do hope either word gets round or the police find out who it was, all that money you spent wasted for acouple of hours fun if that, if it was me, i would replace parts and get it back the way it was and was ment to be built and bought, surely insurance will cover some of these costs no?
Not great news. Like I said before though buddy, you're kinda lucky it blew up. If it hadn't then I'm sure you'd never have seen it again.
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