N15 Turbo

my god i never actually expected YOU to agree with me.

I'm giving you ONE respect point. you now have ONE.

Its a koyo rad. so yeah there is about a hunned in value to it, but i wouldnt take the time to take it off a smoking stolen car. fuck that.
Ross, I don't think you understood me.
You have more or less got to the point.

I was after evidence, pictures, how it was stolen?

I.e I was think along similar lines .

Inside job?

I just want to see pictures before I go further.

I have not been taken for a mug thanks.
I know what I was digging to, maybe some of you outer m25'ers just didn't understand my tactics.

Let's put it this way, at the time car was stolen, they had not sent the log book off, but within less than a week you can get the car back?
Was it trailered back? Driven back to Manchester?
So the police let you guys have access to the car?
Had they finished their investigating?
What evidence did you provide them to get the car back?

Will pm you later.
I'm just gonna come right out and say this.

the list of parts that have been taken or damaged (turbo, boost control, apexi PFC) are what i would consider generic items. convenient that they should go missing, thus paving the way for justifying breaking the car.

1. how does a turbo bend its fins? impellars are mostly cast, cast doesnt bend, it shears, its basic metallurgy.

2. the radiator was stolen by the perp. im sorry, but ive worked on this car, no it fucking wasnt. you telling me that the radiator was removed before the "smoke pouring from the bonnet" cleared? NOT POSSIBLE. the front is blocked by the intercooler, the back is less than a cm from the turbocharger. and the rad brackets are welded on. not to mention as willie says, there is a guarantee that you would be brutally scalded by the temperature of the coolant that would be needed to "crack" the block.

3. The plan all along was to strip this. it was said at point of sale.

4. the car wasnt starting the day it was stolen and i have the video to prove it. the engine was fucked before the "theft"

So yeah. sorry andy but you are being made a mug off.

maybe i'll give bradistand popo a ring tommorow and make a subject access request for headings of any cases involving the registration of the beast. there wont be one, so it will be short call eh guys?
I love you ross xxx

No compression caused by who knows what. Although it looks like the slam panel is there still, which funnily enough holds the radiator in place!

Ooooooooooh you're a bunch of lying scumbags and we all know it!
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