N15 Track Car

Ive ordered 0.75mm so its more like film really. The whole sheet (1.25m X 2.05m) only weighs 1300grams and there will be a few offcuts too. I reckon all 3 will be around 1200grams inc rivets and glue.


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Should paint the edges of the plastic, similar to the stock windows

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Down to the dregs of wiring to strip now.

Brake ducts fitted, should help a bit.

Steering wheel and the bias valve arrived today so ill crack on with the ABS delete later.
Steering wheel fitted with working horn button.

Bye bye old MC

ABS Pump be gone

All the bits removed, including unused brackets and the carbon canister

Luckily the rear pipes have previously been replaced with copper, allowing me reflare to suit the T piece.

Thats all for today, will continue the brakes tomorrow morning.
ive got the aircon bulk head blanks bung's if you want them? totally free and question...why the new master cylinder? can not the original be used at all?
Yes please mate!

MC is being changed for a 1" to suit the twinpot front brakes, the seals were on the way ouy on the original one too.
pm me ya detail's post it to you tomorrow and iv'e also got the blank next to the head light adjust switch too

also is the way to tell " the seal's on there way out" is the brake pedal not coming back up straight away?

edit and the non aircon heater switches too if you want that too???


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Pedal needs pumping to get a good pressure.

Blanks and heater panel im not fussed about dude, just the a/c bulkhead blanks would be ace.

Lucino... should be a bit of a weapon really. Brakes should be done tomorrow afternoon. First trackday is on the 11th august to give it a shakedown and set the brake bias. Once thats done it'll be garaged whilst im away (nov-june) ready for nurburgring 2016!
So today didnt go as planned. Had a few practices at flaring before i did the ones on the car, but the tool broke :/ which put an end to making pipes this weekend.

I did make a bracket for the bias valve and gave the garage and toolboxs a good tidy up.

Currently browsing for a new and better flare kit, im back home next weekend so will aim to get them done then.


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the one I used when I did mine was a vice mounted one, was real old, really good though.
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